Books that I recommend

Below are a few books which I would personally recommend if interested about Catholicism and Christianity. I have included images so you can identify the books if you are out looking for them.





I own two Catechisms. Firstly The Youcat, The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church. This was promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI for the youth of the world to understand the Catholic Faith.  It really does explain a lot of the teachings of the church in a simplified manner. Even has a stick man doing back flips on the corner.


Catechism of the Catholic Church Compendium


This is the next level of reading from the Youcat. If you want to impress your friends then quote this book. Fuller explanations on the Church and has a lot of useful prayers at the end.



Constitutions of the Church 

The Four from the second Vatican two council are; Dei Verbum, Lumen Gentium, Gaudium et Spes and Sacrosanctum Concilium. For people to understand what was the ideas of the council. They help understand the liturgy, evangelism and Holy Scripture.CTScover.indd



Catholic Stuff

The transforming power of Lectio Divina by Maria Testo

This book really helps with understanding and looking at Scripture. I was introduced to Lectio whilst at university and since then I’ve enhanced my understanding of teachings through this way of meditation.


A handbook for readers by Marian Tolley

This book is really useful in gaining confidence in reading Scripture in Church. It contains a lot of good tips on how to read clearly and how to prepare for reading the word of God. Combined with the previous book, is a great way to meditate on the Bible.



Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis’ first Apostolic Exhortation on what he sees the mission of the Church to be. He stress’ that we need to have a love of the Gospel and to be joyous in spreading the Good News!


Confessions of Saint Augustine

This book really does show God’s grace at work. Showing how St. Augustine was transformed from a Sinner into a Saint.  A real good book to read to show that even though we may feel unworthy of God’s love we are all worth it, for Christ did die for us and that we can all become Saints. To quote Pope John Paul II, ‘Don’t be Afraid to be Saints!’.


Where is that in the Bible By Patrick Madrid

This is really useful for Catholics and Protestants to read to learn more about the Christian and more importantly Catholic Faith. It has a lot of Scripture passages which affirm Catholic Doctrine.


Extraordinary Form of Mass readings

The Missal of the mass

This book contains the extraordinary form of mass in full. It shows what happens, who says what and there is a vernacular translation on the other page. If you are interested in finding out about the Liturgy of the Catholic Church, look to this to see where the Novus Ordo mass has come from.


How to Serve by Dom. Matthew Britt

This book is great for Altar servers who want to learn how to serve the Ex Form of Mass. It goes from Low Mass all the way up to Pontifical High Mass. Includes diagrams and helpful notes for prayers during the Mass.



The Risk of Discipleship by Roderick Strange

Those who are looking to go into the religious life should read and learn as they discern what God wants from them. This book looks at the Spiritual side of the Priest is. Using examples, this book shows the humane side of the Priest as well as the spiritual side. It proves that the priest work is just on Sunday.


To save a thousand souls by Fr. Brett. A Brannen.

In the previous book it shows how you should pray your way through discernment, this book gives practical tips for discernment. For example, to visit a seminary, to talk more with the Vocations director. This book encourages the reader into taking the steps through discernment and give advice when things go astray.


Good Protestant Literature

 Opening up With Ephesians By Peter Jeffery

I would recommend any book on Ephesians because it is my favorite book in the Bible, apart from the Gospels. It looks deep into what Paul was telling the people at Ephesus and how that message has passed on into our daily lives 2000 years later.

Opening up Ephesians

The Hitchhikers guide to the Bible by  Colin Sinclair

I love the radio play and TV series the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, but this book is better than that. In the Radio play it jokes at religion, saying  ‘Where did God go wrong, some more of God’s greatest mistakes and who is this God person anyway?’. The Hitchhikers guide to the the Bible shows where God did not go wrong and who is God.


Saved By Grace by Brian. A Russell

This was the first book I ever bought from a Christian bookshop. It looks at the TULIP acronym chimed by John Calvin. It really did help me understand why Calvinist protestants believe in the system but it did show a few chinks in their armor. A good read and very useful.


A Just Church by Chris Howson

This book is solely centered around Liberation theology. This book contains a lot of good tips in which ecumenism and what we can all do to try and obtain reconciliation and peace in our own communities.


If You want a laugh

The Faith of the Vatican by Herbert M. Carson

This book is meant to be serious but I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the points. This ‘Fresh’ look at the Vatican can be probably be seen as a view that was held in the 1700’s. Not at the time of the reformation because the reformers at the time still adhered to a lot of what the Church held scared. Its only through the traditions of man that this book gets its ideas.


Catholicism: East of Eden by Richard Bennett

This book was written by an ex-priest who decided to look back at his Catholic days and write about how haunting and idolatrous it is. He has written a little booklet called ‘Is Roman Catholicism Christian?’ basically stating in its first line that he disagrees with that. It is always good to buy anti-catholic books so you can learn the other sides argument and then point them into the right path, which is found in the One True Church.


And Of Course

The Bible

I own a few different copies of the bible. I own the NRSV (New Revised standard version) which is my Catholic Bible. I own the Beibl Cymraeg Newydd, My Welsh Bible which is nice to read over passages and see a different translation in a different language. Also on my phone, I have a Bible App that has a lot more translations in various languages. Always handy to carry the word of God around at all times. Might just need it to evangelize or to just give self assurance.

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