Nunquam loqui religioni dum potione

There are always popular topics that people try set right when they are out having a few pints. Commonly they are about politics, whether the current government is as good as the previous. About sport, which team is best and who is going to win on the weekend. And also there is religion.

I know that not everyone has faith, some are very militant atheist and try to discourage those who do. But its these people that always evoke the topics of faith and religion. Most recently the topics have been about how different the new pope is and how the church is dealing with sexual scandals. They only see what the media portray what is going on. Some of the militant group are very knowledgeable about history or science and so will use theories and facts from history which show the church in such a state and shows that there might be other answers. That is clearly what acclaimed atheist, Richard Dawkins does, who puts their entire trust in science. Which if you look at what most protestants believe then this a sort of religion in itself.

The last couple of nights out, I’ve started talking to a few irish people. They are surprised that I am Catholic and they start probing me with questions about what the Church is like now. I give them answers and they don’t believe me, because they were brought up in the Catholic faith, so they “know”. Its just funny to hear people say to me that Pope Francis is changing so much to what Benedict did, but that is far from the truth. Francis has not changed much from what Benedict has taught and has not added or changed summorum pontificum.

To quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, There are over a million people in this who hate the Catholic Church because of what they have heard, the number who really hate the Church is very few. Its what the media portrays and how people talk about such matters when drunk. So I when I now go out, the policy is no politics or religion, just sport and enjoy the night.

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